Delle Rae maxwell

Tableau Software design work, including logo and identity, application UI, icons, web site, and help system


Tableau Software is a new company launched in 2003. I was involved in all original aspects of the design process of the product. Below are some samples and a link to the website.

The website is

I created the look and all the graphics for the site. I also designed the navigation, and built the entire site using Dreamweaver.

NOTE: The original designs below have since been superseded.

Tableau Logo


Tableau Desktop Icons. This is the set for the application and its associated filetypes.

tableau icons

Tableau application screenshot. I was involved in icon design, layout, and color design in the user interface.

tableau screenshot

Tableau Help System Screenshot. I designed and built the help system in html. Frames are used to separate the table of contents navigation from the help content.

tableau help screenshot